June – July 2011

Just back from a salmon trip to Atlantic Canada.  I was on the Moisie River in Que in early June, on the Upsalquich and Kedgwick in New Brunswick in mid June and on the York river in Que in late June into July.  Our group had fishing which ranged from other worldly to fair but all in all Atlantic Salmon seem to be having another great year. I did a lot of painting, especially oils and I’m posting the works that I have completed.  More to come.  I’ll have a report from Iceland (more Atlantic Salmon fishing in a very different landscape) and Alaska (where I am writing this from) in a few weeks.

March 2011

The 15th annual trip to Argentina was ,as usual,an adventure .My fiancee , Tracey and I along with several long time friends made our way to Buenos Aires for a couple of days . We tried something different this time and  got some tango lessons and watched the locals dancing at a “milonga” .This was like a dance hall where the average Argentinian goes to dance .Not your usual tourist scene at all.We also had several amazing gourmet meals and tasted some fantastic local wines . We  then  flew even further south to one of my favorite rivers in the world , the Rio Gallegos .We stayed in the charming manor house onEstancia  Bella Vista  (a Nervous Waters Lodge ), which after 15 visits , feels like home .I tied a large stock of my favorite Gallegos fly , the Rheanator , for this trip and they accounted for many of the fish we caught .I brought only oil painting gear this time  , and painted 4  full half days .The weather was not the best for fishing , being clear and bright .This was even worse given that the River was as low , clear and cold as I have ever seen it but ,it was wonderful for painting  and 3 of the 4 oils I completed were painted under sunny skies .By fishing alot in the dark  however , and during windy periods when the  mirror of the low water flows  was shattered we accounted for a respectable  number of big sea run Browns .We  also caught 111 1-5 pound resident browns   .Hard to complain about fishing like that !Another highlight of the trip was a trip up to the Rio Chico .The Chico is a fantastic spring creek tributary of the Gallegos .It is full of resident browns and usually it is very easy to catch dozens .This time however the frigid Temps had shut the fish down .We made lemonade out of lemons however with a visit to veiw some amzing 4000 year old cliff paintings a few miles from the Chico.They are known only to the Gauchos (cowboys ) and a few locals like out head guide Gaston .It was a very moving experience to stand in the absolute middle of nowhere and see the art work of the local indiginous people , created so long ago.We spent a few more days in BA on our way home , shopping and relaxing and dining in that charming city .It was a grand trip .A wonderful mix of painting and fishing and new experiences and old favorites revisited .

February 2011

Just back from a trip to the panhandle area of Texas and Oklahoma to gather the reference material for a quail painting commissioned by a private collector. I was traveling with a group of friends and collectors from Rochester NY. We stayed with Last Buffalo Outfitters in Darouzzett Texas. I was with Last Buffalo the previous year while working on a story with Grays Sporting Journal shooting editor Terry Wieland. We had bright clear weather for all but the last day of our trip, which was great for my painting, but made the quail hunting tougher. The nicer the weather the less the birds feed and the less they feed the less scent they leave and the harder it is for the dogs to locate them. Everyone got some shooting however and we all agreed that wild quail are one of the sportiest upland birds to hunt. I finished 3 watercolors in 4 days and shot hundreds of reference photos. I’ll be working with the paintings and the photos to create a large watercolor for my client in the coming weeks. Here are two paintings I did from the field studies and photo reference from last years trip. CD