Born and raised in upstate New York, C.D. Clarke is never far from the outdoors. C.D. creates much of his work right on location, sometimes standing knee deep in a salmon river or on a Bonefish flat, or bobbing along in a skiff. His immersion in the subject results in a spontaneous composition. C.D. Clarke hunts, fishes and paints wherever he goes.

His method of painting captures the light, color and feeling of the sporting scene in a very personal way.  He has captured fishermen and hunters pursuing their passions all over the world including Scotland, Alaska, Christmas Island, Chile, the Bahamas, Zimbabwe, Labrador, New Brunswick, Quebec, Montana, Texas, and Russia.

Working from watercolor sketches and photographs of the sportsmen and their equipment, C.D. accurately depicts the sporting scene in oil paintings and larger watercolors completed in the studio under more controlled conditions. The boats, planes, dogs, rods and guns, as well as the anglers and hunters themselves plus the landscape they inhabit are all true to life.

C.D. Clarke takes four to six major trips each year to sporting destinations all over the world. He is commissioned by hunters and fishermen who collect sporting art to capture their favorite locations in watercolor and oil. If you would like to go with him on one of his sporting trips, or if you have a sporting trip planned and you would like to take a sporting artist with you, please contact us. See the Schedule for more information about traveling with C. D. Clarke.