C. D. Clarke travels the world hunting, fishing and painting. He carries his art supplies on his back so that he can paint on location. You can go with him on his sporting trips, or you can commission him to come along on yours. Either way, you get dibs on the paintings.

Boats, leaky waders, fishing rods, wet wool, birddogs, decoys and shotguns are integral parts of C. D. ‘s life. He paints them with a sportsman’s understanding, making his work essential to the true sportsman’s art collection.

His original oils and watercolors are available here for your collection.  You may purchase the paintings by contacting C.D. by email or phone.  The paintings will arrive at your home or office framed and ready to hang.

For more information about a painting, or about an upcoming trip, call, email clarkeart@aol.com or use our contact page.